Friday, August 24, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home.
I really must get myself a palace someday. Let's face it, Empress Elizabeth of Russia had it made. And this is just her "summer palace".
Catherine Palace chapel.
Later, when Catherine the Great owned the place, it became known as the Catherine Palace (sorry Liz). It's been remodeled many times by many owners and finally restored to all it's glory in 2003 to the joy of millions of tourists.
Even my doctor's waiting room isn't this opulent.
Imagine living and entertaining in such a huge place. Imagine all the laundry Catherine had to deal with.
What's the name of the quilt block?
In all this vastness surely there would have been a sewing room somewhere for us lowly quilt makers. Oh wait! I think I found it!
The back yard.
For all my sarcasm I must say the tour of the Catherine Palace was amazing! But tomorrow we return to reality when our cruise ship arrives in Helsinki, Finland. Hope to see you there!


Gene Black said...

LOL... I love the palace, but I would have been looking at that floor also. It IS a quilt pattern.

Kim in ND said...

In Helsinki, don't miss the Marimekko store and the Design Museum. Wish I were there, too!

Margaret said...

That blue and white palace exterior really says 'summer', doesn't it?! As for the floor, it rather looks like 'Spools Meets Broken Dishes in a Log Cabin'...!

WoolenSails said...

I am enjoying being on your trip with you, so many wonderful places to visit.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Elizabeth's taste in summer palaces! The colors are so bright, clean and cheery. As for the backyard, I'm asking the gardener to recreate it in my backyard next week!