Friday, August 17, 2012

Lucky I Didn't MIss the Boat

Stockholm archipelago.
Our Baltic cruise with Quilt Seminars at Sea began in Stockholm, Sweden. I'd like to show you photos of that beautiful city, but alas, I overslept and barely made it to the dock for the ship's departure at 5:00 pm. Our evening journey through the archipelago of Stockholm was magical. The added bonus of jet lag made it even more magical.
This is what greeted me as I boarded the Holland America ship called the Eurodam. Now I don't read Swedish but I'm guessing it says "no wine, no scissors, no irons, no fun". But I boarded anyway.

And immediately ate the first of way too many large meals. My excuse? Jet lag.


Gene Black said...

No scissors on a quilting cruise???? Oh my!

Anonymous said...

Even worse! No irons for this particular quilting cruise??? Say it isn't so!!

WoolenSails said...

That would be a bad list for a quilting cruise, lol.
What a beautiful place to begin your journey.