Monday, August 20, 2012

Meanwhile, Back on the Boat

As we leave Tallinn, Estonia behind, our group gathers on board the cruise ship for another large meal I did not have to cook! Yipee!
Ellen from the Netherlands works on her Stitch after Fusing quilt.
Aside from the joy of not cooking, this is what I like about a quilt cruise: you gather as quilt makers for a class; you gather as friends for touring the country, and you gather to exchange information about what you've seen at meal times. (A meal I did not have to cook.)
My back up band, the Fusettes.
We are a convivial group. By convivial, I mean you can not shut us up!
Welcome to St. Petersburg, Russia.
Our next cruise stop is St. Petersburg, Russia. Right now in Russia they are saying, "The cruise ships are coming! The cruise ships are coming!


Gene Black said...

those meals that you don't have to cook -and you can just get up and walk out without waiting for a bill - those are the best!

ilona lisiecka said...

I see that you having fun! I wish you very good cruise :)

WoolenSails said...

I am really enjoying sharing your trip, with you, so many wonderful sights and wonderful ladies.