Thursday, August 30, 2012

Want to See Our Final Projects?

Cindy Walter and her fabric painting class.
Alas, our quilting journey around the Baltic Sea is nearing an end. As we steam toward Amsterdam (our final port of call) the quilters gather for one last day at sea.
Paula Nadelstern's class made kaleidoscope balls from her fabric, beads, and sequins.
Sea days are always class days and an opportunity to concentrate on quilting rather than touring new ports. It is also a chance to talk with new friends, play with fabric, and visit the Lido deck for more ice cream.
Not that I would do that!
Some of my students and their projects from the Fowl Play, Tiny Homes, and Stitch After Fusing classes.
Late in the day we gather to learn about the next quilt seminar at sea and to share our newly made projects. Aren't they wonderful!
Lake Michigan by Laura Wasilowski
Next June you'll find me on another cruise ship with another friendly crew of quilters. (Hope they like ice cream.) We're going to Alaska! Please join us!


Gene Black said...

The only thing most quilters like better than ice cream is chocolate!

Janelle said...

It looks like you had a wonderful trip.

Anonymous said...

What a fun little quilt that you made! I would love to join you on your Alaskan cruise, but I think that I'm too big to squeeze into your suitcase... lol I will have to start saving my pennys because it really looks like fun...and I like ice cream....

Beth said...

Love the beaded balls. The fused quilts from your class look colorful and fun.
I sure would love to do that cruise to Alaska.