Monday, September 24, 2012

A Battle Scene Quilt

War of the Roses by Laura Wasilowski. It was a real battle.
For those of you in the Lowell, MA area, you may want to stop in at the New England Quilt Museum and check out the current exhibit Backstitch: A 25-Year Retrospective of Advances and Milestones in Quiltmaking. It continues through October 14, 2012.
My first self-portrait. War of the Roses (detail) by Laura Wasilowski
And please look for my quilt, War of the Roses, in this exhibit. It's the story of my battle with a rosebush that would never bloom.
So I killed it.  Chopped it up into little pieces and threw it away. Don't my clippers look happy!


Gene Black said...

Poor little rosebush, it probably just needed a better location.

Ivonne said...

your work is wonderful, I love

WoolenSails said...

I love your interpretation of your rose bush battle, so fun and a beautiful piece. I really want to get up there and visit the museums, all in the same areas.


MJKasz said...

Love your rose bush battle story! You gave me a big smile and some new little quilt topoc ideas.

Anonymous said...

Poor misunderstood little rosebush. sniffle sniffle Great quilt though!

Beth said...

Your clippers do indeed look very happy! I'd say they are smiling.
Besides the happy clippers I love the feet, not sure if those feet are stomping mad at the rosebush or happy dancing over its demise. (I so would have done the same thing, yep, would have done a happy dance afterwards too) ;)