Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Tub Full of Envy

Shaula in her shop. Notice cool Pretty Planet floor mat she made.
Ever meet someone you envy? Meet my new friend Shaula, who owns Feathered Star Quilts in Clyde, TX. I so envy her! Shaula has a gift for setting up a terrific quilt shop.
Vera, Becky, Shaula, and Linda from the Abilene Quilt Guild.
Her sweet little quilt shop is colorful, welcoming, and has the most delightful displays. I had considered moving in, but my handlers (Vera and Linda) from the Abilene Guild were anxious to pass me off to my next group, the Arlington TX Quilt Guild.
This bathtub was once owned by a Texas Ranger but was never used......(not sure if he ever bathed).  But it works great for fabric display!
If you get a chance, visit Clyde, TX and check out Shaula's shop. That woman can make a bathtub look fetching!


Gene Black said...

Oooh.....that bathtub looks great. Can I just jump in and "bathe" in the fabric goodness??

Anonymous said...

That's a great bathtub! It's the perfect way to display fabric.

Beth said...

I can see why you wanted to move in. The shop looks like fun, lots to see and a bath of fabric. WooHoo.

Mary Lou said...

Shaula's shop, "The Feathered Star," is wonderful. It's a carefully edited collection of wonderful fabric and I love it! So glad you got to visit on your way to Arlington.

-Mary Lou Hutson, Abilene

janneke said...

What a beautiful shop!!! (sorry my English is very bad) I Love the colors of the stof (You understand what is stof?? what is English)
Ooh, I stil know what is stof: fabrics.