Sunday, September 02, 2012

Fusing a New Tradition

Lazy Log Cabin #5 by Laura Wasilowski
Like many of you I have an affinity for the traditional pieced quilt. There is something about those orderly geometric shapes that give a feeling of calm and warmth.
Lazy Log Cabin #4 by Laura Wasilowski
So image my delight when I was asked by Pokey Bolton from Quilting Arts TV to adapt my fusing technique to a traditional quilt block. Little did she know that long ago I taught a class on that topic called Abstract Shuffle
Intersections #3 by Laura Wasilowski
In the Abstract Shuffle class, students made a common quilt block with fused fabrics. The block was quickly fused together, cut apart, shuffled, and re-fused several times. The results were brand new designs, randomly constructed with reckless abandon.
Lilliput Garden #2 (detail) by Laura Wasilowski
For this recent filming of Quilting Arts TV with Pokey, I started with a simple 9-patch block, added a few decorative elements to the top, and spiced it up with hand stitchery. The squares and dots looked like gardens to me. So I named the project Lilliput Garden.
Lilliput Garden #2 by Laura Wasilowski
Tune into the next season of Quilting Arts and you'll see how I made this quilt. For those of you who guessed on Friday that I was making a traditional block, you are correct!


Gene Black said...

I love it! sadly we no longer get Quilting Arts tv show. I always enjoyed watching it.

Margaret said...

If I had a television, I would watch! Lovely piece -- and appropriate in September when none of our North American gardens look like spring anymore!

Beth said...

What a wonderful was to make a traditional quilt pattern. I really will have to try my hand at that log cabin.

Anonymous said...

That was a fun set of non-traditional traditional quilts! I love it! I may have to try my hand at that concept.