Saturday, September 22, 2012

Little Bird on the Prairie by Laura Wasilowski
Recognize this bird? For those birders out there you'll find it under the Kentucky Bourbon Wobbler group. Maybe it is related to these birds below? 
Birds and Flowers by Laura Wasilowski
I'm not sure what kind of birds these are. (If you are a member of The Quilt Show you can see how I made the Birds and Flowers quilt in our classroom this week.) Any birders out there that can identify them for me?


Gene Black said...

Gee, I didn't even know the Classroom thing was there on The Quilt Show. I need to learn to take full advantage of my membership (which I love) It is one membership I am sure will be renewed!

Aliceart said...

Maybe the Chardonney and Sauvignon Blanc sisters?

Anonymous said...

I really LOVE the stitching on that burbon bird!

I've had fun following TQS's classroom with you and Frieda so far, though it's pure torture to have to wait a whole week in between classes. lol

Gene...there are tons of classes and good stuff in the TQS classrooms.

Anonymous said...

I think you may have spotted the rare but beloved Stitchy Bird! :)


liniecat said...

YUP........Linda and Aliceart have it sussed.........magical birds anywhichway!

Beth said...

How about the adorable? Cause that is way cuter than any real life birds. (Sorry birds).