Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Class on the Quilt Show

Birds and Flowers by Laura Wasilowski
Please join Frieda and I on The Quilt Show today. If you are a member, they are giving you our free class beginning with basic fusing info. (Sorry, I originally thought it was free to everyone. But you must be a member.)
Frieda being witty. I'm being charming.
We are charming, we are witty, we are well informed and cute. Check out our class!


Anonymous said...

The two of you are multi-talented and unstoppable! lol I'm going to head over to TQS as soon as I finish here! See you there!

Anonymous said...

Is the class free? When i click on the class, it goes to the purchase page - thanks

Dixie said...

The class didn't come up as free for me either!

Carol said...

and me as well. was looking forward to watching but only takes me to a page to join with a fee.

Laura Wasilowski said...

Sorry everyone! I misunderstood the terms of our agreement with the Quilt Show. It is only free to members. My error and I apologize.

Carol said...

Okay, I am a Basic Member (not paid) and still could not access, but now I see your explanation. Was wondering why it would never work. No worries, as I will be in your Garden of Eden class in Houston. Just was hoping for a little pre-Houston inspiration! Looking forward to meeting you and taking the class there. Love Fanciful Stitches I happened upon at my LQS and that has got me ready to stitch! They also had a variety of your threads and I bought one of each! haha Gorgeous!