Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Want to Become a Hot Fuser Chick?

Hot Fuser Chicks from Abilene.

Meet some of the Hot Fuser Chicks from my class in Abilene, Texas. Yes, I'm back on the road spreading the word that you too can be a fuser and HOT at the same time. In this Zen Doodle class, each student began with a small sketch that they then converted in a fused composition. The Abilene quilters were lots of fun. So that makes them hot-fun fuser chicks!
Little Bird on the Prairie by Laura Wasilowski
If you'd like to be a Hot Fuser Chick, join me October 3-6. I'll be teaching lots of classes at the AQS show in Des Moines including Fowl Play. (The bird above is a relative of the bird you'll make in class.) You'll fuse, you'll create, you'll dance, you'll sing. Watch out Des Moines! Here we come!


Aliceart said...

Oh, how I'd like too! Thanks for sharing the fun.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I wanna be a hot, fun, fuser chick...and I love that crazy chicken on the fence! lol

Beth said...

I am crazy about the little bird on the prairie.