Monday, September 10, 2012

Want to Step Out?

Bird step-out.
Thinking of writing an entrancing article for a quilt magazine? Want to teach a class, write a book, or film a project for YouTube? Then you are going to need something called step-outs. Step-outs are views of your project at different stages in the construction.
Stems and leaves step-out.
Step-outs are used as images to illustrate your book or as part of the how to process when filming. You need a lot of fabric to make them. You need even more than you think you need. Step-outs take a lot of fabric!
Woven collage step-out.
Tomorrow Frieda Anderson and I begin our online class for The Quilt Show. (It's free!)  In preparing for the class, I created many step-outs for the Birds and Flowers project. There are bird parts, flower parts, stems, leaves, woven collages, and background fabrics. There's even a step-out of the quilt in the stitching stage.
Stitch step-out for the bird.
And now that the filming for The Quilt Show is complete, those step-outs are available to make new quilts! That's what I love about fusing. Nothing goes to waste!
Stitch step-out for flowers.
Please join us tomorrow on The Quilt Show where we introduce you to the wonderful world of fusing. And look for the step-outs throughout the series.


Gene Black said...

Oh what fun. I love watching The Quilt Show. I always learn fun new things there.
I have done "step outs" for tutorials on my blog AND for video tutorials on YouTube. It does take a lot of fabric!

Beth said...

Looks like fun! Thanks for the reminder.

Linda said...

I had no idea of what these were called. Thank you for the education! I look forward to seeing your class tomorrow!

Betteem said...

I'll be stepping out to see your show tomorrow. It's on my calendar.
I'm curious about the finished quilt with bird.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that's what they're called, but I've done that for a couple of mini classes that I taught at my guild before. It's a lot of work to put together, but from the "student's" side it is invaluable to see! Thanks for the "back stage" view of things. I've been waiting for your class to start on TQS!