Saturday, September 15, 2012

Why I Like 805

When you take a class from me you'll be asked to bring Wonder Under #805 to fuse your fabric. Wonder Under #805 is the regular weight of Pellon's fusible web. It comes with silicone release paper, is about 17" wide, and is the best weight for all those quilting fabrics stacked waist high in your sewing studio.

Why do I request this version of fusible web?
- It comes with silicone release paper. We use the paper for the construction and protection of our art quilts.
- It's commonly available in fabric stores and easy for my students to find.
- After steaming it stitches by hand and machine easily.
- Some brands of fusible web (which shall remain nameless) are very dense, thick, and tacky. Those brands will gum up your needles when stitching.
- Some brands are so plasticky and strong that they penetrate the fabric leaving a gluey grid on the surface.

So give me good old 805!


annieQ said...

My life is held together with #805! Couldn't live without it.
Ann Fahl

Gene Black said...

I have to say, you sold me on 805 a while back. I love it.

(but I don't love the word verification since they changed it - it is too hard to make out. )

Annie said...

Wonder Under 805 is the only fusible for me too! I purchase it by the bolt.

Lisa Broberg Quintana said...

I am afraid I am a Mistyfuser....alhough I will grant that it is harder to find than 805.

Laura Wasilowski said...

I'm a big fan of Misty Fuse too Lisa. But I use it mostly for light weight fabrics and silks and always with silicone release paper or parchment paper

WoolenSails said...

I do like using that and have others that I want to try. I find some work better for different things, so nice to have them and like you said, easy to get in the craft store.


Anonymous said...

I had tried the other types and some of them were so bad that I had to throw away the projects because they were so gunky that it wouldn't let any of my machines form a complete stitch! While I did like that one of them would temporarily stick without fusing, I found that I still had residue on the needle. So when you and Frieda both recommended the 805 I bought some, and love it! I am spoiled now, and always head for it in the store. Thanks!

Machelle said...

Thanks.I will have to try this. Maybe it will change my opinion of fusible applique ( I have only had marginal success with it so far, and a lot of frustration, mostly because I hate the stiffness of the fused fabric!)