Friday, October 26, 2012

A Passion for Potholders

Bias fusing to make a collage, a grand technique.
As novelist and screenwriter Raymond Chandler once said: 
Technique alone is never enough. You have to have passion. Technique alone is just an embroidered potholder.
Bias cutting to make leaves. Another grand old technique.
Ouch! That part about the potholder really hit hard. Sometimes I think all I'm doing is practicing a technique and making is a bunch of embroidered potholders. And then I think, well at least I enjoy making my "potholders".
A vase on a table made with a bunch of grand fusing techniques.
But Chandler is right. Making art is much more than technique. It is having the desire and drive and passion to create. You need the skills and techniques to make the art. But mostly, you need the passion.
Betty's Bloomers #5 by Laura Wasilowski
That's what brings me back to the studio everyday: the joy and passion of creating.....even if what I make does resemble an embroidered potholder.


TheaM said...

lol--I make lots of embroidered potholders, too! ...but *nobody* better lift a pot with one of them while I'm still above ground!
I make a lot of 6"-8" 'quilties' that my uninitiated acquaintances refer to as 'potholders' but they are quickly set straight! the potholders are crocheted - easy to tell the difference!

Saturday Crafters said...

I'd love to see how you do that tricky quilting around the flowers - can you post a video on your blog one day?

Margaret said...

LOL! May I join the EPH Club? Though I admit, my work has more often been mistaken for place-mats and pillow cases...

Beth said...

Whenever I make a small quilt my Dad asks "what do you do with that". There is a reason he doesn't have one.