Monday, October 01, 2012

Guest Artist: Winging It!

Four Little Landscapes by Maya
Check out this fun little quilt by Maya. This week I take off for the AQS show in Des Moines, Iowa. And one of the classes I'm teaching is Four Little Landscapes. Like Maya, students will construct small compositions and then surround them with colorful borders and free-cut motifs.
Four Little Landscapes (detail) by Maya
Here's what Maya says about the Four Little Landscapes class she took with me last year:
I really enjoyed the class and took my time putting on the embroidered details. I messed up the binding a little (because I couldn't remember where I'd placed your instructions) and just winged it. It is not too shabby but I don't think I could enter it into a competition! :)

 You did a great job of hand embroidery and machine quilting, Maya And here are the instructions for adding a fused binding to a quilt. Thanks for sharing your work with us!


Gene Black said...

Maya did a lovely job on this. It is always fun to see how the guest artist interpreted the work.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Maya!

Maya said...

Thank you for showing my work Laura!
It is wonderful to see it on your blog!

PS: I don't know if Gene Black and Cornwoman will re-read all the comments on the post, but I'd like to say thanks to them too! :)

Beth said...

Adorable birds. Glad you showed a close up cause the stitching is great.