Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Why Do You Choose to Fuse?

Always use protection when fusing.
Do you know why you create art using fusible web? Do you know why you choose to fuse?
Steam before you stitch. Your life will be easier.
Like any other art making medium, fusible web has it quirks and problems. It sticks to a hot dirty iron. It may gum up your machine needle if not steamed completely. And if you don't treat it right, it will get stiff and obstinate and tattle on you to your mother. But other mediums have challenges too. For instance, try creating a watercolor painting without water. Now that's a problem!
Take the paper off the fabric before cutting to avoid frayed fabric edges.
This is why I choose to create art using fusible web. See if you agree.
  • It's fast and easy.
  • You go right to the making of the artwork without worrying about matching points or sewing the correct seam allowances.
  • You can cut fused fabric in any shape any size any time.
  • You can improvise and make original art work and,
  • Fusing lets you play with color and texture and pattern and fabric all at the same time.
Free-cut fused fabrics to make any shape you like.
 Fusing is a great art medium. And that is why I choose to fuse. Take the "I Choose to Fuse" pledge today and have some fun!


WoolenSails said...

I love being able to cut out my shapes for an art piece and then fuse them all onto the background, great for machine quilting and just fun to do.


Anonymous said...

I am definitely taking the "I Choose To Fuse" pledge! While it fits under reason number 3, I think it should have a bullet of it's own...I like being able to cut pieces much smaller than you can in traditional appliqué or piecing.