Friday, October 05, 2012

Working Slow in Des Moines

Cheryl's quilt from the Fowl Play class.
My classes are going swimmingly at the AQS show here in Des Moines. Here you see my friend Cheryl's quilt from the Fowl Play class. Isn't it delightful? The show is wonderful and the city of Des Moines has a lot to offer. (Although I can not recommend the internet service at the hotel. It is so slow, turtles are passing it on the interstate.)
Liz's quilt from the Fowl Play class.
Here is another fun quilt from my Fowl Play class, this one by Liz. Don't you love these birds? Every student makes an original design. All I provide is the fabric and the ability to keep the irons clean from fusible web. I have 3 more classes and a lecture to go here in Des Moines. So in an attempt to save my strength, I slept in today. Iron cleaning is hard work!


Anonymous said...

Any tips on iron cleaning? :(

Doreen said...

You must be an expert on iron cleaning!! Hehe!

WoolenSails said...

Enjoyed catching up on your postings, lots of inspiration and it looks like you are enjoying yourself at the show.


Anonymous said...

I love the two little quilts! I've heard that another way to save your strength is to eat chocolate. Most of my friends swear by it!