Monday, November 26, 2012

Like an Old Shoe

My old sewing kit looking rather drab.
My old sewing kit is pretty plain. Like a pair of old shoes, it is comfortable to use but you don't want to be seen in public with it.

But my new one is so pretty! It was made during a marathon of movie watching. (I must admit that making the sewing kit was more engrossing and provided more entertainment than some of the movies.) Tomorrow I'll show you inside the cover. I can hardly wait!


Gene Black said...

If the inside is as pretty as the outside - Wow!

Janelle said...

I like the cover. I really need to make myself one of these, so I can stop fishing for needles.

Beth said...

I like that cover too! I wonder what the inside looks like.

Anonymous said...

I like the cover of the new one and am eagerly anticipating the unveiling of the inside!


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