Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nancy Zieman Celebrates 30 Years

Hamming it up with Nancy on the WI Public TV set.
Did you know that Nancy Zieman is celebrating 30 years of Sewing With Nancy on television? My goodness the woman must have started the show at age 5.  

Visit her blog for free stuff this November.
She is also hosting a Sewing With Nancy 30th Anniversary Blog Giveaway Event this November — and you’re invited to participate.That means you may win something!
One of Nancy's favorite Artfabrik colorways is Wild Rice.
Nancy is giving away lots of prizes like 1 yard of my Wild Rice fabric to celebrate 30 Years of Sewing With Nancy on Television. And you can watch different episodes of her show on Wisconsin Public TV by clicking this link too. That Nancy. She's so sweet!


Sequana said...

Do you ever go anywhere and NOT ham it up? :)

Nancy never ages, does she?

Nina Marie said...

Nancy rocks! I grew up watching her show and nobody in my family even sewed! I just loved watching her create!

Gene Black said...

Thanks for the heads up. I just watched the first episode of the 30 year celebration. What a hoot! I had no clue that Nancy could be so funny. I have always admired her and enjoyed her show.

I would love to see the behind the scenes with the two of you.

WoolenSails said...

I love Nancy's shows and tape them, so I can watch them while I work on projects. She covers so many wonderful subjects, there is always something fun to learn.