Friday, November 16, 2012

Seasonal Palette #18: Quilt Completion

To make a pillowcase binding, stitch the backing fabric to the front of the quilt.
My Seasonal Palette quilt is soon finished with a pillow case binding.
After the backing is stitched all around the outside edge, cut a slit in the backing and pull the quilt through the slit to the right side. Press the quilt flat.
One of the guidelines given by the curators is that the quilt not have any frame or border around the design. This is so the exhibit flows from quilt to quilt when on display.
The quilt is then machine stitched with free-motion designs.
Having seen the premier of the Seasonal Palette exhibit at the IQF this November in Houston, I find this an excellent idea. The curators arranged the pieces in seasonal order around the quiet enclosed SAQA exhibit area. This is one of the great benefits of being a member of SAQA. You have the opportunity to show your work in galleries and in exhibits that travel the world.
Photo by Gregory Case. I apologize for not knowing the names of the other artists in this image. I must get the book!
I wish I could show you each and every one of the wonderful Seasonal Palette quilts in the SAQA exhibit. It was a thrill to see them all in one spot. But wait, I can! Just visit the SAQA Bookstore and you can purchase a copy of the book for only $20. The color reproduction is terrific, the price is right, and the quilts are amazing.
Young Forest #5 by Laura Wasilowski
Thank you for joining me for this long journey of creating Young Forest #5. I hope you've enjoyed the view.


Nina Marie said...

ohhh Laura - this is just breath taking. Sometimes its the little moments that are captured by art that are the most gorgeous! I want to say that I'm with the curators of the show - I'm not a fan of framing or borders - I mean if I wanted a frame and glass on my work I would have chosen another medium. Fabric is meant to breath and to be touched!


Hola Laura!
He seguido cada paso de la creación de esta maravillosa obra y sus explicaciones son excelentes.
La inspiración de su trabajo es muy grande!
Muchas Gracias!!!

WoolenSails said...

Your piece came out beautiful and it looks so nice on the wall, with the others.


Robbie said...

And a great journey it has been! I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts on the process you went through in creating this stunning quilt. Thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

The display is excellent, and your quilt is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the journey.