Thursday, November 08, 2012

Seasonal Palette Quilt #10: Farmland Collage

Hills made separately on release paper.
The farm hills for the Seasonal Palette quilt are created separately (but equally) and then assembled as a unit on a piece of release paper.

Fit the farm hills together as a unit.
The farmland collage needs to measure about 12” h x 35” w. As I construct it, I think of the hills as crops, bales, furrows, orchards, all those wonderful sights you see driving through the country side.
Look at all those cut-away scraps!
And as I build the farmland collage, I save all those tasty cut-away scraps. I'm tempted to start making another quilt from the scraps. Do I? You'll never know. Lets just say my short little attention span shows up again!


Gene Black said...

Ha ha... i know the temptation of the little scraps. yes you will make something of them. ((grin))

Shirley said...

I'm trying not to save the tiniest of scraps, but it hurts. Love the farmland collage, great for home-dyed fabrics

Aliceart said...

I'm so enjoying this step by step. It's great to see you process, although I know it's difficult to record since you don't work that way.

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely no doubt but that you will make something out of the scraps. The only question is whether you'll do it during or after this project. lol

Laura said...

You might not enjoy documenting you're processes, but I find it totally facinating. You have the beginnings of a new book!!

The sky is absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Thanks for taking the time to show us what you are doing. I always love your hills - there seems to be a lot going on. Doing a little quilt now with the scraps would be kinda like a piecer doing a leader-ender quilt! ;-D