Thursday, November 01, 2012

Seasonal Palette Quilt #3: The Entry

Young Forest III, 30” H x 65” w by Laura Wasilowski
The process for entering the SAQA Seasonal Palette exhibit included submitting examples of my work to the jury. Young Forest III (now in the collection of Prentice Women’s Hospital, NICUI Ward in Chicago, IL) best exemplified my design style at the time for large quilts.
Young Forest III (detail) by Laura Wasilowski
The jury selected a total of 38 artists. After acceptance, the curator asked that my exhibit quilt be similar in style and technique to Young Forest III. What a wonderful development! 
Young Forest by Laura Wasilowski. The first in a series.
I like the idea of making another quilt in a similar style to Young Forest III. Working in a series feels very comfortable to me. Why? Because you only have to have one idea and never have to have another idea again! This quilt for Seasonal Palette would be part of the Spring series on display in. I like Spring!


Janelle said...

I love hearing and seeing another artist's process for creating. These quilts are lovely.

Margaret said...

I too enjoy reading about artists' processes as they create. Reading about your Seasonal Palette entry now has special meaning for me; yesterday I received a copy of the exhibit's catalogue from Martha at SAQA, and it opened first to your quilt! :-)

susan said...

I like your big quilt! How wonderful for it to be purchased and loved, and how wonderful to be recognized in SAQA! Is your pea pod fabric more lime green? I'm looking for limey green.

Laura Wasilowski said...

Thank you everyone! Just to be clear, my quilt in the Seasonal Palette exhibit has not been purchased. (so you can still buy it!)
And Susan, my new Pea Pod green fabric colorway is more akin to fresh peas right off the vine. Thanks for your interest!

Caca said...

this is so so nice.