Friday, November 02, 2012

Seasonal Palette Quilt #4: The Rules

To make the Seasonal Palette exhibit look like a collection, the SAQA curators gave the 38 artists in the exhibit several guidelines. I admit I have a stubborn nature. So it's hard to follow the rules. But on the other hand the rules can give you a framework and focus for your design.
Journal for my Seasonal Palette entry.

Should have found a larger book to document the process. This one is too small!
These are some of the curator's guidelines noted in my journal. (Did I mention I had to keep a journal while creating the work? Did I mention I have a stubborn nature? Let's just say I did not enjoy the journal part.) Requirement for the Seasonal Palette quilt are:
  • · Size 32” w x 78” h
  • · No borders
  • · Due April 1, 2012
  • · Topic: Spring (yes!)
  • · Based on Young Forest III
  • · Keep a journal and document the process with images.

Sketch for Young Forest III
I reviewed this sketch of Young Forest III to refresh my memory of the elements, layout, scale, and color placement of the piece.The first thing that jumps out at you is this: Young Forest III is a horizontal quilt. The new quilt has to be vertical and really tall. Really, really tall!


Anonymous said...

The journal and rules are stressing me out, and they were for YOU to follow, not me!! lol Hmmm....Some rules can create the challenge that sets the creative juices working. But having to journal and changing it to a vertical rather than the horizontal it wants to be, would be tough to follow.

karthika varma said...

Very nicely presented blog . All the best :)