Saturday, November 03, 2012

Seasonal Palette Quilt #5: The Foundation

Cutting the base layer to size.
My first step in constructing the new quilt for the Seasonal Palette exhibit is to cut a foundation fabric measuring 36” x 82”. This stretch of fabric physically demonstrates the final size of the quilt (32" w x 78" h). It is really, really tall. The white fabric is washed to remove the sizing or starch on the fabric. (It's important to remove the sizing so the fused fabrics will bond better with the base fabric.) I'll build the entire quilt on this large piece of white fabric.
Wonder Under #805 is my fusible of choice.
Now I go and have a cup of tea. Then I place an order for lots of Pellon Wonder Under #805 fusible web. This is a big fused quilt. Heaven forbid if I should  run out of fusible web!


Anonymous said...

What is the white fabric that you use for the base of your quilts?? It appears that it might be a lightweight muslin, maybe? Is there a brand that you like best for the fabric that you use, like the Pellon WonderUnder #805 for fusibles?

Laura Wasilowski said...

Dear Cornwoman,
The white base fabric is the same white fabric I use for dyeing. It is called 400M and is available from Testfabric in West Pittston, PA. A muslin would work too but must be washed first to remove the sizing. Thanks for stopping by!