Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How Many Houses Does It Take?

The many iterations of a house quilt.
When filming my new class on Craftsy called Hand Stitched Collage Quilts, I had to create several versions of the 4 different projects.These different stages of construction or step-outs now reside in my sewing studio. (It sounds like they have rented a room or something.) Here you see 4 versions of House in the Valley, the first project in the class.
House parts everywhere!
And there's lots more quilt parts where those came from. I really don't like duplicating the same quilt over and over. So now what do I do with the left overs and partially finished quilts?


nancy hutchison said...

it takes a village :)

Jessim said...

Could you finish each one differently than the completed quilt and call it a series? (Just because they are intended to be step-outs of the same quilt, doesn't mean they have to end up looking like the same quilt when they are all complete.)

Other thoughts:
-give-away :)
-sell in web store as a 'base'
-Artist challenge; find people you like the art styles of and see if they will finish them, see what they do with your work as a starting point. Time demands may not make it feasible, but it would sure be interesting.

I started my first collage quilt this weekend, I hand dyed fabric and it just begged to be made into stripey flowers and woven together (haven't quite figured out what to do with that). Now I need to design a quilt around the elements I have- I think I'm working backwards.

Gene Black said...

Make kits to sell on Craftsy.
of Have a giveaway with lots of winners.

Nancy said...

This is a fun problem to have... too many houses! I like Jessim's idea of a challenge with some of your teacher friends completing them to see how they are interpreted. Interesing idea.

WoolenSails said...

I would play and make each one different in other ways.
I never thought about that when I watch the shows and they show each set, already made.


TheaM said...

You could make up series - don't all artists work in 'series mode'?

Sharron said...

You could donate them to different quilt guilds around the country *small tax credit for you*. The guilds could auction off in a silent auction for a local charity and it would be a win win for everyone.

Anonymous said...

If you're sure that you don't need the step-outs for one of the classes that you teach in person, then you could cut them up into unusual sections (like if there's a house, cut through it at an angle so that it's just two pieces with unrecognizable shapes of color) and integrate the pieces into new quilts. Otherwise, I like the giveaway idea, but I would have a vested interest in THAT idea! lol