Tuesday, December 04, 2012

How to Do the Fiddle and Swoop

Kate, Shawn, and Carolyn. My crew.
I think you'll agree we all need a crew. And when you are filming a class for Craftsy, you can't find a better crew than these folks above. My initial jitters in front of the camera were soon dispelled with the friendly attitude and helpful guidance of my crew Jane (producer), Shawn (DP), and Carolyn (switcher).
The Craftsy set with a few of my quilts pinned up.
True, it took me forever to learn the "fiddle and swoop" method of opening each lesson as they filmed me. Can you guess what that is? That's where you are fiddling with something on the table and then look up at the camera and start talking. I am not a natural fiddle and swooper. But after a day of filming I can now say "I'm ready for my fiddle and swoop Mister DeMille."


Donna said...

Thanks for defining fiddle and swoop. I can't help but wonder, however, what does a switcher do? Change her mind a lot?

Have a terrific day!

Jessim said...

No way! You are doing a craftsy class too?

Should I just forward my paycheck to them directly? I've taken like 15 classes there, and clearly, now there is another to take! So excited.

(And loved the idea of Fiddle and Swoop...)

Beth said...

I do not know why, but that fiddle and swoop just cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

I imagined fiddle and swoop so differently! lol The possibilities are nearly endless!