Thursday, December 06, 2012

It's Hard Work Being Frozen in Time

My Craftsy production team at the post-shoot party.
Now I know how Angelina Jolie feels. It's hard work being a film star. After 3 days of filming a class for Craftsy, I've scrapped off the makeup, put away my wardrobe (6 blue shirts), and packed my class materials. Then we were off to a debrief party at Craftsy headquarters where I met the friendly members of my entire production team. (I only had one sip of champagne.)
Fabrics for the House project.
In my Craftsy class, called Hand-Stitched Collage Quilts, I tell you everything I ever knew about making a fused art quilt. It starts with a complete review of fusing etiquette from choosing fusible web to the approved squirrel and swipe method of release paper removal.
The class includes instructions for hand embroidery stitches.
We make 4 projects from start to finish. Each project includes building the quilt top, hand stitching the fused art quilt, and a lesson on how to bind the quilt. It's like taking 4 classes with me at a quilt symposium.
Frozen in time. Forever young.
But of course this is a Craftsy class so your subscription to the class never expires and you can watch me demo the squirrel and swipe into perpetuity if you like. Which means, just like Angelina Jolie, I am frozen in time and will never get older. At last! Immortality!


Gene Black said...

Yaay...any idea when it will be available?

Donna said...

You're on my list of classes to take in 2013! I look forward to it.

Sue said...

Looking forward to taking the class!

Beth said...

And now you are a multi-media star. How cool is that???

Jessim said...

Congratulations! I really cannot wait.

Anonymous said...

And a star is born! How does it feel to be timeless?? I've written the title of your class down so that I can look for it while I'm on Craftsy. Will you please let us know when it will be released?

Laura Wasilowski said...

Hi everyone,
I don't have an exact start date for my class, Hand-Stitched Collage Quilts. So far I know it will be available in early 2013. Which is just around the corner.
Thank you so much for your interest!