Sunday, December 30, 2012

Preview this House

Are you longing to hear my sultry voice and invite me onto your computer screen? Then check out my new Craftsy class, Hand Stitched Collage Quilts. Here's a preview of the first project, House in the Valley.
Always start with beautiful fabrics.
In this lesson, we begin with the basics of fusing. You learn how to choose the correct type of fusible web and fabric and move on to how to fuse the fabric correctly. It may sound simple but I'm telling you, they don't call me the Dean of Corrections for nothing. These are the approved Chicago School Of Fusing methods you are learning.

Learn more than you ever wanted to know.
While creating the House in the Valley, you'll learn all about free-cutting, bias-cutting, building units, and how to assemble the quilt with ease. Along the way I'm giving you all those helpful fusing tips that I learned the hard way like fuse-tacking and the vital Quilt Protection Policy. Cause I'm the Dean of Corrections!

And then there is a whole lesson on hand stitching the quilt. Craftsy was able to capture my dainty hands on screen demonstrating each stitch. The film quality is really amazing. I know you'll enjoy the House in the Valley project and tomorrow I'll show you another project.


Hannele said...

Hi Laura, how do I go about with the free Cratfsy lesson? Do I get a gift certificate or waht?

MJMR said...

I have signed up for your class at Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in February. and I can't wait! Looking forward to meeting you and being in your class.

Sequana said...

Craftsy doesn't seem to have your class listed yet - or am I just not searching correctly?

Laura Wasilowski said...

Thanks MJMR! See you at Mid-Atlantic.
And Sequana,my class does not go live until January 3 so you can't sign up until then. Sorry! But how to see you then!