Monday, December 31, 2012

Preview this Still Life and Beware!

Collage building basics.
One of the basic skills in fusing is the creation of collages. Here you see the beginning steps for making the Vase on the Table project. In this portion of my Craftsy class, Hand Stitched Collage Quilts, we cover collage building and also the "dangerous cutting with decorative blades". So beware!
I prefer a giant iron for some reason.
You'll also learn some helpful tips about the uses of release paper and bias-fusing skinny strips of fabric. On film you'll see me use a tiny wand iron. But in really life I have to tell you, I'm not a big fan of wand irons. It always feels like the iron wants to attack me.
Learn the Outline Stitch and look neat.
Again, the Craftsy film crew was able to capture my dainty little hands demonstrating new stitches for you like the Outline Stitch. The course materials also has diagrams and written descriptions of the stitches that you can access.
Ah, the lovely Ermine Stitch.
You'll also learn the decorative Ermine Stitch and a fused binding variation in the Vase on the Table project. Taking my Craftsy class is like taking one of my classes in real life. Only in this class I wear makeup making it a better experience for all of us.


Sequana said...

No matter how much I tell myself that the wand part of the wand iron is HOT - I always seem to grab for it. OUCH!

Those little irons do attack us.

Gene Black said...

LOL...Thanks Sequana. I thought i was the only one who keeps grabbing the metal part of a wand iron.

Laura - do you know the "release date" for your class????

Anonymous said...

I'm not fond of those little irons, though I do take one to class or guild meetings where we sew. I much prefer the larger irons. I'm always touching the little ones where I shouldn't, just to see if it's really hot enough to use.

Jessim said...

Your class is up! I already enrolled and can't wait to start (I have rotary blades on order, and need to start dyeing some fabric!)

Coins Jhons said...

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