Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Preview of a Bird Living Dangerously

Potential field.
The third project in my Craftsy class, Hand-Stitched Collage Quilts, involves (big surprise!) a bird. In Bird on the Wing we create fields from bias cut strips and put them in a, let's say, "whimsical" setting.
Do not remove fingernails.
You'll learn the ever important fold and snip method of creating propeller trees. I'll show you the approved method so you don't remove a fingernail or, worse yet, a finger tip when snipping the fabric. Fusing is a dangerous business!
What is he thinking?
After creating this impish little bird, we give him a good stitchin'! A whole lesson is devoted to learning a new set of stitches including the famous Pistil Stitch and these adorable flowers below.
Sheaf Stitched, don't ya know!
I'll show you how to add the flowers to the Bird on the Wing project using the Sheaf Stitch. (Say "sheaf stitch" ten times fast.) The final portion of this Craftsy lesson is to finish the entire quilt with my favorite, the wrapped binding. Please stay tuned tomorrow for another preview of my Craftsy class. Hope you can join me!


Gene Black said...

I have started watching the class and I am loving it. Next up, getting the supplies together and starting at the beginning and making "The House in the Valley"

Nancy said...

I'm already in and have watched the beginning info. However, now I'm tempted to skip ahead to the Bird quilt. But no, first House in the Valley.

Anonymous said...

If repeating "sheaf stitch" 50 times real fast is part of the final for your class, I am already failing! lol

Sequana said...

My plan is a good one. This morning I have email from Craftsy offering 25% off the class price.

I figure by next week they will be paying me to join up. HA!

Pamela said...

I very much enjoyed attending one of your workshops last year. I was thinking it would be nice for my sister to take your Craftsy class.
But in the lesson plan I didn't see any mention of your song skills - you do sing at least one tune don't you????