Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tucson is for Quilters

Tucson is a favorite place to be. And, lucky me, that's where I am! The Tucson Quilters' Guild kindly invited me to be their guest speaker for their 35th annual Quilt Fiesta this weekend. I also have the honor of awarding a ribbon to any quilt in the show. It is so hard to make a choice!
Ribbon made by Lois Podolny.
The lucky winner receives this  ribbon created by Lois Podolny (winner of 2 prizes at the recent  Houston quilt show). She made "in the style of Laura Wasilowski" and did such a beautiful job I wish I could give it to myself!
Duncan's Garden Party by Karolyn "Nubin"Jensen.
After reviewing all the quilts in the Tucson Quilt Show, I decided to give the ribbon to this quilt by Karolyn  "Nubin" Jensen. Inspired by a Sue Spargo class, Nubin designed her own flowers and birds and used her own hand-dyed wools, silks, and velvets to create the piece. Isn't it wonderful?


WoolenSails said...

That is such a fun ribbon, wonderful idea and I loved the piece that you picked out, it is a beautiful piece and wonderful design.


Margaret said...

Glorious piece -- and rightly deserving of that ribbon which, by the by, deserves a ribbon all its own!

Beth said...

What an amazing piece! Perfect choice for that ribbon.

Anonymous said...

Great ribbon and winning quilt! And you brought the cold weather with you! lol