Saturday, January 26, 2013

Where the Flat Lander Meets the Mountain

My recent trip to Colorado has inspired me to return. And so I shall!  April 13 and 14 you'll find me teaching at the Alegre Retreat in Gateway, CO. This is a gorgeous area of Colorado with magnificent scenery. It's an awesome landscape for a flat lander like me.
Pretty Planet #4 by laura Wasilowski
Come join me for Couching Thread, Hidden Needle. We'll make a set of small fused art quilts from square to round and then stitch them into submission. The scenery is free!


Anonymous said...

There's no escaping the fact that Colorado is gorgeous! The photo you posted is of a beautiful area, and the one time that I was there, the mountains were huge and the pine trees covered nearly every square inch of them. Are you sure that the scenery is free along with that class??

CassieInTheRain said...

The photo you put up of Colorado is beautiful.

Jevne said...

I'm really fond of houses on quilts, appliqued or foundation pieced, but I've never seen them in a circle. Love it!